May 20, 2022

Pointers For Buying Pear Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest stones found in nature. There's hardly any controversy on this point. The hardness of a diamond on the Mohs scale may be long-lasting along with the sparkle and brilliance, but it is the shape that undergoes alteration after a few years.

You would have to face many challenges to keep up with the trend, especially now that the pear-shaped diamond has grabbed attention anew. Pear shape or teardrop diamond is one of the most romantic cuts ever and second to the heart-shaped diamond. It would not do to opt for a ring with the pear diamond set firmly within the yellow or white gold or platinum.

Gemologists and jewelers recommend investing in pear loose diamonds instead of shopping for an engagement ring. You are, thus, keeping your options open vis-a-vis the setting and design of the ring. You are hardly doing something new, preferring to wear the teardrop ring.

Remember that this fancy cut introduced in 1458 has been in vogue since. You may have seen Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame turn to Instagram to display her sparkling pear engagement ring. Other celebrities like Cardi B flaunted one so did Ariana Grande during her brief engagement. You are thus among the rich and famous circle. Go for it!

Understandably, you may not have that buying power but remember that investing in an engagement ring will be done once.

Go ahead and check the things you stand to gain by selecting one of the best pear loose diamonds.

Sure, it is of vintage value, and you will find many gushing over the shape. Investing in this cut is practical as it appears to be eye clean even when the stone has a few inclusions. However, it might be a good idea to settle for a better quality of color by opting for the paler shade.

The pear diamond will accentuate the color, and a stone with a bit of color may look darker, spoiling the effect. Look for Grade H color when investing in colorless or white diamonds. You may settle for a colored diamond if your budget does not extend to the colorless diamond.

It is time to check the most significant C, i.e. the cut now!

Check out the pear loose diamonds to find a cut after your own heart. It is a fancy cut that has multiple variations. You are welcome to get it in any dimension, provided it roughly resembles a pear.

It is advisable to opt for a diamond with a length-to-width ratio between 1.50:1 and 1.75:1. You will be able to get enough sparkle from the reflection of light through the facets this way. Do not vary too much by opting for a greater length or width. You do not want to wear a teardrop diamond that looks too squat or resembles a narrow arrowhead.

The most appreciable property of pear loose diamonds is that you could wear the ring either way, with the tapering end below or looking up. You thus have an option when flaunting the pear engagement ring. BETA